Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paint Out!

On the 19th March we were invited to the Tina Skukan Gallery in Faerie Glenn. There are lovely gardens around the gallery.
This was to challenge artists to work outdoors.
Unfortunately I was unable to make it, but I believe those that attended had a lovely morning sketching and painting and visiting the gallery.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mass Demo.

To start the year centurion water colour society held a mass demo. with 7 artists.
Alma Vorster drew a clown face in Pitt pencil using the browns. It was a classic clown face with sadness showing through. She adapted the style of the old masters by painting colours over the drawing causing the pitt pencil to dissolve slightly with the water. Then the white of the paper shown through the paint. White gouache was used to finish off the clowns face showing off the red of the mouth and nose.
Peiter Marree scanned a picture of a face into the computer and change the colour and appearance. Then he copied it onto his watercolour paper and painted the face in sepia colours.
Anita Lloyd painted a still life in blue with lovely shades of blue with the blue glass and china. A white plate and dark blue tea pot. Lovely colours.
Lydia du Plessis painted zebras. She loves the stripes and the browns and blacks that you find in zebras colouring. The stripes form the forms of the animals getting closer and closer.
Mia van der Merwe had painted several pieces of work on how to get to abstract, from one idea. She worked the paintings with colour, calligraphy and texture. Until the final piece was only colour and shapes.
Ilse Roux showed everyone how to make tracing paper. Then she demonstrated using various sponges to make trees, bushes and grasses. Then she used a fine brush to finish off the tree trunks and branches.
Liz Davies painted a still life with yellow, orange and pink roses in an orange glass vase on a white cloth and with a dark back ground. The light was coming from the top right hand side back lighting the vase and flowers. This caused lovely reflections and shadows on the cloth. This was chosen to show how to make a dark background. First the back ground was painted with water then winsor green blue shade was dropped in and the Alizarin crimson was dropped in. The painting was moved carefully to cause the colours to mix.
This was a good start to the year with a good turn out.

Mass Demo