Monday, October 17, 2011

LIFE DRAW with Alma Vorster

On September the 17th we had a full day workshop with our very dedicated and enthusiastic Alma. She was just back from the USA visiting family. Alma is a Fellow of the water colour society and has been chair person for our branch for many years and she was also National Chair person. We had a lovely model. She was very good and we all produce some great sketches. Firstly some quick one then 2 that we had half an hour each. We took a break for lunch and afterwards Alma explained what we were to do. Use some of our sketches or pieces of them or do sketches of sports people from magazines, in the positive shape and then in negative shapes. We then made a collage on board and used red tissue paper and our sketches. We could tear or cut them up . We were able to add acrylics or anything of interest that went with our theme. One person used rugby players and I used runners. People had a lot of fun but we all ran out of time. We tidied up and ended with a lovely tea. Thanks Alma we all love doing life drawings.

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