Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vibrational Expression

Marilyn Patterson took us on a journey using our imagination and our forgotten dreams and into our sub conscious. We had to breath in and out calm ourselves  . We then walked in a circle and had to let a colour choose us and then a word, We went in another circle and chose  a leaf or shell or pod or something organic that called to us.
 We had to make three drawings of our "piece" at different angles. These drawings were put together to form a shape. Then we chose our colour in acrylic paint and painted our board. While this was drying we formed the "shape " from our drawing, in clay. While we were working on this we had to think of something that was one of our dreams. This was to influence your shape and the colours you were to use. We then stuck this onto the dry board.
  When the clay was dry we could paint it using our choice of colours and add decoration. If we felt lost at any time we had to  go back to the quite time and let our subconscious guide us.
  This was a full class and everyone did  really amazing work.
 The pieces were put in a circle at our feet and were discussed.Very Interesting.

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