Monday, October 17, 2011

To Add Content to your Art Work.: by Catherine Terblanche

20th August ,
  We all met at the Centurion Auditorium at 13.30. for an interesting afternoon.
  Catherine runs her own art  studio, ImajineesArt Studio in Centurion. Catherine mainly focuses on traditional oil painting techniques. The studio also presents regular theoretical lectures by various artists and university lecturers. As part of her social concern she established ARTISTS REACHING OUT network which tries to communicate opportunities in the art world to its members.
  Cate is presently contracted to the Art History department of Unisa, where she is also doing her masters degree in Visual arts. Her own interests include conceptualisation and narratives, such as ancient mythology and fairy tales in art.
  She also talked about symbolism in paintings which I found interesting.
  It was a very illuminating lecture.

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